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The Bible says that all the kinds (syngameons) of animals survived the Flood on Noah’s Ark, so what’s the evidence for it?  Ancient authors besides those authors of the books of the old testament (see article #13 at, who wrote of Behemoth and Bel the dragon, knew that these “dinosaurs” abounded during the ice age (which was the bronze age), the iron age, and even up through medieval times (reference, perhaps some survivng even today in central Africa and New Guinea, so you wonder why these facts are not discussed in our schools?

Of course the answer is that such studies of young earth creationism for our kids would render darwinism foolish, heightened by discoveries such as here surely, demonstrating that certainly dinosaurs in the strata of the sedimentary rock column were entombed not so long ago, buoyed by the fact that measurable amounts of radioactive carbon 14 (half life of 5,000 years) are found in oil, coal, and diamonds (see, thought to have formed many millions of years ago by very slow processes, the  catastrophism of Noah’s Flood ruled not even a possibility.

It’s bad enough that the darwinists censor this information, stubbornly denying our students academic freedom, but when such as the self-professing chrisitians at also eschew these hard facts, you can see that specious darwinism has even crept into christendom in a disturbing way, to be corrected, so please enter the corrupted lair of the compromised Biologos Foundation, into their chat room, to set those folks straight, discussing along with the rest, the science of the future, old school man, referring too

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