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The story of Atlantis has been a point of consternation for Bible believers and darwinists alike for centuries, but now we know it was a real ice age maritime empire of the western Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic, in conformity with the biblical timeline, so the darwinists are today forced to either reluctantly admit the history and geography presented here under category Atlantis Revealed, destroying their position about time of the end of the ice age, or continue to mock the Table of Nations in Genesis 10 and so too still ignoring the truth that only a warmer world ocean, having been heated from below, could have been the engne for the evaporation for the cloudcover of the ice age (the warmer ocean after Noah’s Flood).

Plato said that the coastal empire of Atlantis extended to Egypt and Italy, and outside the Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar) as well, no doubt past the now submerged ruins in many locations off Spain to the submerged ruins off the Isles of Scilly near Cornwall, including too the now submerged ruins off atlantic Morocco, so there’s no doubt it was an ice age empire, consumed by the risen sea level with the end of the ice age (when the world ocean had cooled to about today’s temperates).  That also was the time of the catastrophic desertification of much of the world, the much lessened precipitation by that time the culprit, the time of the Exodus of the jews out of Egypt to Canaan.

And the roman historian Pliny wrote that in archaic times, the River Rhode had flowed down from the Black Sea basin, where now the world ocean is connected to the Black Sea by the Dardanelles Strait; obviously that Black Sea basin had been a huge inland lake before the time of the end of the ice age, all in conformity with the biblical timeline and the lists of Table of Nations which includes the Rhodanim (progeny of Japheth), namesake of the River Rhode cited by Pliny 1,500 years after the end of the ice age which was known as the Flood of Dardanus and Ogyges.

When you realize that Plato mentioned greek kings such as Theseus, Cecrops, and Erectheus, having lived in that timeframe, and thinking about the bronze age navies and cities described by Plato in Critias and Timaeus, it’s obvious that his 9600 b.c. date (provided by the eygptian priests at Sais) for the demise of Atlantis contradicts what we know and what Plato should have known, according to his own writing, calling into question certainly his intellectual honesty about this clear history.  Refer to to understand much more about the big picture, how ancient history and science comport beautifully with the biblical account.

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