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When you read Plato’s dialogue the Laws, book three, you’ll see that the dialoguers Clinias and the Athenian stated that after the latest flood, as was the case after “all the floods” before it, people had retreated to the mountains where mere remnants of the population survived, the cities and people of the coastal plains destroyed by the supposedly “many” such floods throughout ancient history, going back millions of years they chose to agree with no real evidence, wishfull thinking we can suppose.

Yet the Athenian and Clinias in the Laws cited bronze age king Dardanus as an example of the mountain survivors, he who in reality had sailed from Samothrace when that portion of continental Europe had become the island which it is today because of the sea level rise in his time, to Mount Ida, above where later he would build Troy with his grandson Troas, this Dardanus the namesake of the Dardanelles strait which then connected the risen world ocean to the Black Sea basin, his son Erechtheus noted by Plato having lived in the timeframe of the flooding of Atlantis (and much of Greece), the sea level risen with the end of the ice age.

That was the same as the legendary Flood of Ogyges, who also lived in that timeframe, 189 years before the reign of Cecrops, mentioned in Plato’s Atlantis writings having lived in the timeframe of Erectheus, and Erysichthon, and famous Theseus of minoan Minotaur legend, so clearly that was the time of the flooding of Atlantis, confirmed by that Plato in his diaglogue with Critias and Timaeus said that Atlantis and ancient Greece at the time utilized bronze age technology, with advanced navigation capabilities to have sailed all over the world.

Clinias and the Athenian, reported by Plato, failed to name the flood at the time of Dardanus (and Ogyges, Theseus, Erectheus, and actually Atlantis), but why was the flood not named?  They did not say that was the Flood of Deucalion, which was said to have covered the whole world, the only survivors having landed in a large vessel on Mount Parnassus of Greece, clearly a different flood, having covered the whole earth, that was Noah’s Flood, the ark in reality which had landed on Mount Ararat to the east several thousand miles, a warmer ocean in its aftermath having been the engine for the ice age, see

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