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If christian preachers worldwide could logically solve the mystery of Plato’s Atlantis by science and the history of the biblical text, don’t you think that would grab the attention of the unbelieving world?  The information is here, so please tell your pastors and global evangelists whom you may support that they can greatly assist in the demolition of the darwinian paradigm while letting the world know that Atlantis was certainly real, having been just a great maritime empire of the western Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic from the time of Noah down to the time of Moses, the timeframe of the ice age.

Plato used the term “nesos” to describe the geography of the empire of Atlantis, the same word nesos of Peloponnesos, the peninsula of Greece which juts down from continental Europe, so since he wrote that the land of coastal Atlantis extended both inside and outside the Pillars of Hercules (rocks of Gibraltar), could it be any more obvious that was the peninsula including modern day Spain and Portugal, the Iberian “nesos” which juts west from continental Europe, and named after biblical Eber?

And regarding the legendary and elusive ringed canal City of Atlantis, named after Atlas, son of Sidon (Posidon), so grandson of biblical Canaan, the inner island of that city half a nautical mile in diameter (see article #2 at, its ruins have been submerged since the end of the ice age about thirty miles south of Cadiz (namesake of Atlas’ brother Gades) in the shadow of the Atlas Mountians of Morocco to the south.  Do you see how this all fabulously confirms the chronology of the book of Genesis, with the end of the ice age at the time of Moses and the Exodus when the sea level rose and the climate began to change drastically born out by modern archaeology?

Still yet another feather-in-the-cap for young earth creationists, as the Bible clearly reads, is that only a warmer world ocean, having been heated from below, could have been the engine for the much greater evaporation for the vast dense cloudcover of the ice age.  Think about it, this is the only solution for the generally considered mysterious cause of the ice age, the fountains of the deep for Noah’s Flood having been the geothermal source of the world ocean heating.  So tell the pastors and evangelists that they can help educate the world that all of the Bible is true, surely referring them  The science of the future, old school man.

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