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If the biblical timeline is true, then why do the carbon 14 dates for instance of the city of Catal Huyak of the hittites (named for Canaan’s son Heth) go back to 9000 b.c., and the ancient “paleolithic” sites in the Holy Land dating back to 30,000 years ago?  The answer is really simple, it’s because volcanos were very active in the aftermath of the runaway plate tectonics of Noah’s Flood, that volcanism having belched much more carbon dioxide (containing c12) into the atmosphere which diluted the its ratio to the carbon 14 already present in the atmosphere by the sun causing nitrogen 14 to change to carbon 14 in steady state relationship.

That was during the ice age, the engine for which was the warmer world ocean after the fountains of the deep had been the source for the water of Noah’s Flood (then the mountains uplifted as the ocean basins sank to receive the floodwater which rushed off the uplifted and sediment laden continents at the close of the flood).  The deeper portions of today’s thousands of feet deep polar icepacks contain much more volcanic ash than the shallower portions, proving the much greater volcanism during the ice age when the polar icepacks seen today (of Greenland and Antarctica) were built-up, the icepacks the of ice age Europe and North America long since melted away when the skies cleared at the end of the ice age.  Read more at

Little known is the fact that coal, oil, and diamonds, ostensibly formed during the catastrophically formative geologic processes during the year of Noah’s Flood show measurable amounts of carbon 14 (the half-life of which is 5,000 years), proving that those deposits are in the thousands (not hundreds of millions) of years of age, really not arguable, read more about it at, where John Baumgardner, scientist extraordinaire from Los Alamos laboratories, explores these issues, which bring great discomfort to those clinging to the darwinian paradigm, many christophobes, and stubborn old earth creationists alike who can’t stand the thought that all of the Bible is real history as written.

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