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If darwinian evolution of the human “species” were true, then why were the most sophisticated and massive megalithic buildings certainly the most ancient?  Look at the ruins of Baalbek, Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid of Giza, the submerged ruins of Yonaguni, and the massive ahu platforms and monolithic stone heads of distant Easter Island, rock hewn structures of gargatuan proportion, the know-how to have built those impressive edifices long since lost by the indigenous people there, then try to say with a straight face that human technology has progressively advanced through time ala darwinism.

According to darwinism, humans have been able to speak for hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of years, yet writing developed only several thousand years ago, so since archaic humanity must certainly have always desired to communicate, the recording of messages and lists obviously a high priority for them then as now, and since tools (and certainly fingers) have always been used by humans, is it not odd that they did not determine that scratching agreed-upon figures into stone or soft clay would have been a great way to communicate information?

And when did the “races” of humanity supposedly evolve?  The darwinists won’t answer this question, ‘though obviously they imply by their “Out of Africa” hypothesis that black africans are the least evolved, now living where the human “species” evolved from monkeys or tree shrews or whatever is the missing link de jour (it changes all the time), so racism is clearly inherent to the darwinian paradigm, their dirty little secret which really is no secret at all, and that humans have naturally selected within the human kind, our syngameon, the real genetic explanation for the natural selection of so-called races.

Factoring all this in together, it’s obvious that writing and advanced megalithic building was just as the Bible says, according the timeline of the Word, and lest you think the book of Genesis was dreamed up by sun-stroked iron age sheperds in the middle east, please read article #13 at, and for a clear big picture overview of real ancient history according to science dovetailing with scripture, be sure to refer now and often to, the science of the future, old school man.

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