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The peninsula of Greece was named circa 1100 b.c. by the iron age latins of Italy because the tribe graeci, the graikos, had migrated to the italian peninsula from their ancient homeland, known as Greece to many from that time onward.  Before that time, the greek peninsula was known as Pelasgia or the Peloponnesos, for king Pelasgus or king Pelops, both who lived during the earlier bronze age.

Of course king Pelasgus was the Peleg of the Bible in Genesis, just six generations from Noah (flood hero Deucalion to the greeks), and Pelops according to ancient greek legend was a son of Atlas (great grandson of Ham/Chronus to the greeks), king Atlas who was the namesake of Atlantis, that “island” termed a nesos by Plato in his atlantean writings, thus a peninsula too as is the greek peninsula called the Peloponnesos.

The iberian peninsula (Spain and Portugal) was the nesos of Plato’s Atlantis, the city of Posidon (Sidon grandson of Canaan), with the ringed canal city of Atlantis now submerged on the shallow seafloor about 30 miles south of Cadiz (named after Atlas’s brother Gades), that empire after the end of the ice age known as Tarshish, who was a great grandson of Japheth and son of Javan/Yawan (father of the greek ionians).

And biblical Peleg’s son Eber was the namesake of Iberia, the nesos of Plato’s Atlantis; small world back then, enabled by the ancient navigtional method explained in article #2 at, the reason there were 176 towers to the surrounding walls of the ancient city of Tartessos (now under Seville), the number 176 being 1/10th of the number of royal cubits which compose the base perimeter length of the Great Pyramid of Giza.  See

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