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Dear christian Pastor/Evangelist,

While the secular academic world still openly mocks the book of Genesis, laughing for instance that Noah’s Flood must have covered the Himalaya mountains with millions of animal species housed on the Ark (both notions demonstrably false), the vast majority of pastors in America passively sit by smiling meekly preaching to generously give as it shall be given unto them, admonishing their listening flocks to be salt and light in the world, yet hiding in fear of discussing what really is true history in the book of Genesis, after all, the foundational book of the Bible, this none can deny, including the scientific skeptics of course who see it as the achilles heel of christianity, its weakness to be exploited scientifically.

If you can’t believe the book of Genesis, then why believe the rest of the Bible, doesn’t that make sense?  And if the early portions in the book of Genesis are scientifically and archaeologically unbelievable, then where does real history begin to be recorded in the Bible?  Since Noah’s Flood with the genetic bottleneck of the eight humans (and thousands of biblical kinds or syngameons of animals) supposedly is not real history, then the Table of Nations in Genesis 10, the progenies of the eight on the Ark, the tribes which spread out over the world after the Flood, is a laughable historical record too, is that not logical?

The slippery slope is obvious that if you can’t believe Genesis, then why believe that the ancestral line of Jesus Christ the Messiah had come down from Heber (father of the hebrews) who was but six generations from Noah?  The skeptics and christophobes know that when the veracity of Genesis is undermined, then the rest of the Bible falls like a house of cards, so pastor, preacher, global evangelist on tv, why do you put up with that when a multitude of evidences confirming the early history in the Bible are at your fingertips at to confound the mocking skeptics whom now ‘though can be evangelized?

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