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When a skeptic of christianity asks you where in the Bible does real history begin to be recorded, what do you say?  Do you say you’re not sure?  Do you say certainly not at the global flood reported from Noah’s time?  If you say that, then the Table of Nations in Genesis 10, the record of the progeny of Noah and his wife through many generations (including the lineage of Abraham down from Heber), goes out the window too.  So now do you see that if you don’t ardently defend all of the Holy Bible as it’s written, then the skeptic will certainly ask why believe any of it at all?  Then what do you say?  Uhhhh?  How embarrassing!

Of course preachers of the Good News of Jesus Christ by-and-large treat the time from Abraham onward as real history, yet the skeptic who asks them to go back ten generations from there in Genesis to Noah’s time always puts the pastors in the global flood crimp, what do the pastors say about the global flood clearly recorded in Genesis?  Uhhhh?  That is unfortunately their basic response, out of ignorance or fear, not wanting to touch the veracity of Genesis, part of the Word, the foundational book of the Bible, the flood which Jesus himself said is part of real history, so was Jesus lying?  If so, then what else did he supposedly lie about?

Jesus the Messiah always said the unbelieving world would scoff at the message of the Bible, yet the vast majority of the pastors in America are joining in the scoffing, at the history recorded in Genesis.  Is that what Jesus would do, portray uncertainty about the foundational book of the Bible?  Skeptics see the book of Genesis as the achilles heel of the Bible, and the pastors clearly are in agreement, so help us get those pastors straightened out, to use Genesis as an asset for the propagation of the Good News, not a liablility, but a scientific and historical bludgeon against darwinism and its timeline which is treated as truth by the unbelieving world, referring to

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