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The meaning of the archaic word geometry is earth measure, indicating the ancients knew long ago that the earth is a sphere, born out by notions such as Noah’s Flood, the global encompassing flood described in the Bible, the source for the water of the flood “the fountains of the deep,” so how could the earth have been thought to be flat when the water for the flood ostensibly would have poured off the supposed edges of the world?

Did the ancient hebrews think the earth is flat but with elevated edges to have contained the water of Noah’s Flood?  Then the elevated edges would not have been covered during that flood which ‘though clearly covered all the earth according to holy writ, demonstrating that the ancient hebrews and other ancient tribes after the flood with ancestral recollections of the global flood such as the sumerians and akkadians (babylonians) knew that the earth is like a sphere.

And bearing out further the ancient knowledge that the earth is a sphere is that term geometry, defined earth measure, calculated by such as the babylonians with their base six sexagesimal number system (like our modern nautical mile system), 360 degrees to the circle, the timekeeping for the method of accurate longitude measure the precession rate of the earth (the rate of the slow wobble of the earth’s axis) against the backdrop of the constellations.  It’s the reason for the word geometry, earth measure, see article #2 at

The length of the royal cubit used by the egyptians, hebrews, and babylonians, was a calculated subdivision of the radius length of the earth, allowed by God’s benevolent intelligent design of the creation, and the geology of the earth reflecting the devastation of Noah’s Flood, such great evidence for the veracity of Genesis that you wonder why christians don’t confront the educational establishment with facts such as these, referring also to and, the science of the future, old school man.

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