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October 10, 2011

Mormons such as the somewhat insightful Glenn Beck are way ahead of the game concerning the obvious settlement of the Americas by the  canaantes (phoenicians) and later the israelites (among others) in bronze then iron age times; the archaeological evidence is truly overwhelming that the peopling of the western hemisphere from across the Atlantic is historic fact, ‘though the vast majority of christians (even young earth creationists) seemingly are clueless about all this, just ask Ken Ham at Answers in Genesis, surely aware of the evidence, yet knowingly ignoring it certainly out of mere professional jealousy, can you believe it?

Yet because Brazil was actually named after the Breasil clan of Galway (home of Brendan the Navigator), not the brazil nut tree (indigenous name pernambuco), and because the Caribbean and Carioca (ancient name of Rio de Janeiro) were named after the iron age seafaring Carians of the aegean, and because America was named by Colombus (a jew) after the Americos tribe of the caribbean, clearly the seafaring progeny of the Amorica of the brittany coast of France, the evidence speaks loudly, but not loudly enough for Mr. Ham nor such as southern baptist leaders Albert Mohlers and Robert Jeffress who maintain that Genesis history is real history, but these leaders lag behind out of ignorance.

Did you ever wonder that the Atlas mountains of Morocco, the Atlantic ocean, and the legendary kingdom of Plato’s Atlantis, are all of the same canaanite etymological word root meaning water (the same root in the basque language of Spain today)?  And with ancient mexican sea gods Atlanteotl and Atlahua, does this not confirm the transoceanic navigation which mormons such as Mitt Romney seem to grasp?  The key is that the ancient mediterranean sea god Posidon was the biblical Sidon, son of Canaan, and Atlas was Sidon’s son, demonstrating it all ties together within the rubric of the biblical Table of Nations in Genesis 10, see much more here

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October 9, 2011

Have you noticed how the mainstream media is having a hard time digesting the fact that a black man, Herman Cain, is rapidly rising in popularity among the supposedly red-neck and racist people of the Tea Party movement?  Browsing through the New York Times Sunday edition today, I didn’t see mention of him, even in an article about the republican front-runners in their race for the 2012 nomination, Cain now probably running second ahead of Rick Perry, whom we on the conservative side (and liberals) here in Texas call Governor Zoolander (with nice hair and impressive poses).  He’s weak against illegal immigration, and with a record of catering to the global governace crowd, republican primary voters should be very wary of this guy, really almost the antithesis in certianly many ways of what Mr. Herman Cain stands for.

Cain says that because through prayer and great work by doctors, he has beaten cancer, so he figures that such a wonderful reprieve for his longer life now should not be wasted on a golf course somewhere, so now to be used to help this country which he loves get out of these tough times brought on by who might be the other black (or half white) man in the race, Barack Hussein Obama, thus creating a real problem for most black voters who previously had bought into president Obama’s and the other democrats’ tax and spend solutions ostensibly to create a strong private sector economy, what a joke compared to Mr. Cain’s thoughtful 999 Plan which will lower payroll taxes on the working poor by 40%, and will encourage saving and investment, what the economy needs, not more big government spending boondoggles from the current president.

Mitt Romney is now again rightly beleaguered by the insight of southern baptist leader and pastor Robert Jeffress that Romney’s mormonism is a cult (not to mention his liberal in conservative’s clothing pedigree), almost surely to sink Romney’s ship in the southern states during the primary season,  It’s really now down to Governor Zoolander (Perry) and Herman Cain, as the writing is on the wall, and the mainstream press knows it, so why are they so reluctant to give Cain his proper due?  Could it be that’s because they really have racist tendencies, unless the “black man” is a flaming liberal progressive seemingly bent on the economic destruction of America like Barack Hussein Obama?  Are the liberals really for racial equality, or only for those of other “races” who are of the liberal bent?  You be the judge.

And by the way, the term “race” is a concept of darwinism, implying that the “races” of the humankind are subspecies in competition, the “survival of the fittest” among them, which ‘though is obviously ridiculous because many people such as president Obama are genetic blends of so-called races, so should we refer to our current president as a hybrid?  Of course not, he like the rest of us are part of the human syngameon, the created human kind, as Darwin’s term species is in reality meaningless, for instance camels and llamas can interbreed, lions and tigers too, those of their respective syngameons, creatures of unique and finite gene pools within which “hybridization” is a reality.  Do you see how destructive darwinism can be?  Have not genocides occurred rationalized as the “survival of the fittest?”  Think about it.

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October 9, 2011

No doubt mormonism is a cult from a christian perspective, because the Book of Mormon is an add-on to the canonized text of the Bible, the book of the Revelation (of Jesus Christ) recorded by the apostle John the final book of christian holy scripure, and because the mormon church teaches that Jesus is a created being, not part of the Trinity (Elohim), as well as because it’s a fact that white supremicism is inherent to the teachings of Joseph Smith, the ancient record for his teachings ostensibly from a guy named Mormon, four hundred years after Jesus’ incarnation.  The cultic Smith wrote that the more advanced supposed white Jaredites and Nephites were eventually subdued by the dark-skinned and backward Lamanites in the Americas over two thousand years ago, when indeed (and before then) people were settling the Americas (named after the Americos of Brittany) by sea, certainly anathema to darwinism.

Mormonism obviously makes a mockery of the Table of Nations in Genesis 10, which should be a red flag for all those christians interested in real human history (see, and mormonism does not address the age of the universe and earth (see, not to mention that humans and “dinosaurs” have coexisted for millenia, for instance Daniel and the dragon Bel (checkout, therefore pastor Robert Jeffress of the First Baptist Church in Dallas, and other christian leaders around the world, should be urged to address these issues, certain to help prove to the skeptics that all of the Bible is true, even Genesis, scorned by the darwinists, mormons, and all others who do not believe that Jesus Christ really is the author of human history, and the savior of all who would believe in him.  For a great overview of earth history, be sure to see, old school man.

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October 7, 2011

Since soft organic cellular tissue has been discovered within many “dinosaur” bones, the inspiration for the movie Jurassic Park (see about dinosaur cloning, and because ancient and not-so-ancient historical accounts are replete with stories about dragons (dinosaurs) interacting with humans (see, it’s obvious why this nightmare for the self-professed christians strangely embracing theistic darwnian evolution (see is never discussed of their own volition; it fleshes-out (pun intended) the veracity of the book of Genesis, flying in the face of darwinism (see too; dinos with humans and more).

When self-professing christians willfully ignore solid (and this soft cell) proof that the flood of Noah actually occurred about 4,400 years ago (which in turn validates the Table of Nations in Genesis 10), the darwinists jump for joy, as those christians are working in sympatico with the atheistic darwinists’nefarious agenda, that the Bible is supposedly myth not to be trusted, ostensibly dreamed up by ignorant sun-stroked iron-age shepherds of Israel; so what would Jesus say about all this, and why are not the pastors across America pointing out all this?  I hope you discuss these issues with your pastors and preachers, bringing to their attention too, hoping to spread the Word.

Yet the christian pastors of America (and I presume the rest of the world) are all but mum about this compelling science and archaeology which would fully derail darwinism in the public intellectual discourse if only the pastors would spend some time studying then preaching about it, after all, ‘though essentially ignorant of this latest information confirming biblical young earth creationism (Gensis history as it plainly reads), fully half of Americans (according to Gallup polling) believe that Adam and Eve were created (not evolved from tree shrews) less than 10,000 ago, so equipped with this new information, those Americans could aggressively challenge darwinism in our halls of higher learning, the early history of the earth and universe in the Bible the only thing preventing millions to come to believe that all of the Bible is true, to then accept Jesus Christ as savior.

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October 6, 2011

If the holy book of Genesis in the Bible is real history as Jesus Christ himself surely indicated in the Word, then after the global flood of Noah’s time, certainly dragons (“dinosaurs”) should be in other histories along with the biblical references to them in the book of Job (who lived in Uz/Uzbekistan during the ice age) and in the book of Daniel of the old testament, so see to judge for yourself, but don’t expect the puffed-up theistic darwinian evolutionists at to see any veracity in these historical accounts, many of the accounts from Charles Darwin’s own Great Britain, so what in the world was Darwin thinking, was he really intellectually honest?

The heads-in-the-sand folks at BioLogos (with millions of others) therefore are forced to please tell us that all of those historical accounts of humans interacting with dragons are fully bogus, every last one of them, because the veracty of just one of the accounts completely falsifies the darwinists’ predicate that “dinosaurs” have been extinct for 65 million years, but tell that to Job, Daniel, King Morvidus, and the roman general Regulus, guess what their answers would be!  The darwinists claiming to believe the Bible too say that science trumps the ancient history in the Bible, that the Word is outdated and so not to be trusted, as if God Elohim should have written perhaps in the new testament that he was just kidding about Genesis.  Checkout also

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October 5, 2011

Have you or any preachers ever read Charles Hapgood’s superb book Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings?  You should, it’s a monumental work, demonstrating with medieval maps (such as the Piri Reis and Oronteus Finnaeus), based on very ancient source maps, that ice age mariners were sailing all over the world, even to Antarctica when the ice age snow there was just beginning to build on that continental landmass, unthinkable to the theistic darwinian evolutionists at, so they (most specificly BeagleLady) refuse to talk about it, knowing that this notion explodes their darwinian timeline and progaganda that ice age folks were incapable of measuring time for accurate longitude measures, not to mention the ships required for the long voyages for such cartography and settlement of all the world by sea.

Submerged bronze age megalithic ruins abound in many parts of the world, most in the Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic (see category Submerged Ancient Ruins and, never discussed by the darwinists for the obvious reason that the sea level rose when the ice age ended much later than their timeline indicates, so such as BeagleLady refuse to acknowledge that Atlantis was real, willfully never considering (at least publicly) the reality that the ancients measured time accurately for longitude readings by the wobble rate of the earth’s axis (see article #2 at with the stars and their constellations as the ever changing backdrop in the night sky for those very precise measurements.

And bearing-out further the ancient mapping geometry of the earth by accurate time measure according to its very slow wobble rate, checkout, where you’ll see that the ancient mexican hunab unit of length, Harleston’s term the Standard Teotihuacan Unit (STU), is exactly twice the length of the ancient egyptian royal cubit used to determine the dimensions for the Great Pyramid of Giza, the hunab the metric for the surveyance of the massvie and most ancient manmade structures of the Americas, as you’ll see at his site, and the STU also the width of the lintels at Stonehenge, small world indeed back then, the oceans of the world actually easy superhighways for the ancients to have repopulated the globe after Noah’s Flood, the geothermal heating of the ocean then the engine for the ice age.  Checkout the very solid science for it here

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October 4, 2011

The inane biblical compromisers known as theistic evolutionists have posted an article at titled Christians Care about Theology and Science by Thomas Jay Oord in which he cites (his point #10 in the article) biblical passages that God called forth the kinds (now known as syngameons) of animals from the earth and sea, then in the same breath, the inexplicatively confused or clumsily deceptive Oord writes that therefore “creatures are created co-creators.”  Huh?  How can he say creatures create (his way of saying darwinism is compatible with the Bible) when all he has cited are passages stating the opposite, that God created all the kinds of creatures and plants, having called them forth from the land and sea, so whom does Mr. Oord think he’s kidding?

Such is the foolishly desperate plight of the darwinists trying to comport their specious hypothesis with the plain biblical rendering that God created all the syngameons (biblical kinds) of creatures only about six thousand years ago, those “theistic evolutionists” also claiming that earth-engulfing Noah’s Flood (confirmed by many hundreds of ancient tribal legends) never happened, thus also insisting that the Table of Nations in Genesis 10 is of no archaeological import, because supposedly many other humans besides Noah and his family survived what Oord and the others say was just some river flooding in the middle east.

I posted there at their website that all but the six days of creation was recorded by eyewitnesses, that post deleted before I was predictably banned from their website for debating clearly too effectively for their tastes, that “these are the generations of . . . . . .” written eleven times in the book of Genesis means “these are the origins of . . . . .” or “this is the history of . . . . . (fill in the name),” the key word toledoth in the hebrew meaning generations or genesis, histories certainly recorded at the time of those biblical persons, beginning with the written record having been recorded by the first man Adam or his scribe.  The hebrew word for to write is to cut in, obviously into soft clay tablets, cuneiform writing, the collophons (sign offs to close) which then were the phrases “these are the generations (genesis, the history) of . . . . . (the respective authors then having cut in their names).”

Please refer this material to evangelical powerhouses such as president Albert Mohler of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, who is an avowed young earth creationist, adhering to the scriptures, ‘though yet not equipped with the very compelling information at this website and at  Ken Ham at Answers in Genesis is well aware of this material, yet because of his professional jealousy, he ignores it, having told me (through his surrogates) that the material is either silly or not relevant to his work, clearly not the case, so I hope you contact Ham and co., to ask why he can’t shake loose his professional jealousy to further evangelism through young earth creationism, clearly what the Word, Jesus Christ, has stated in the book of Genesis.