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Since soft organic cellular tissue has been discovered within many “dinosaur” bones, the inspiration for the movie Jurassic Park (see http://discovermagazine.com/2006/apr/dinosaur-dna) about dinosaur cloning, and because ancient and not-so-ancient historical accounts are replete with stories about dragons (dinosaurs) interacting with humans (see http://www.genesispark.com/genpark/history/history.htm), it’s obvious why this nightmare for the self-professed christians strangely embracing theistic darwnian evolution (see http://biologos.org/blog) is never discussed of their own volition; it fleshes-out (pun intended) the veracity of the book of Genesis, flying in the face of darwinism (see too http://ldolphin.org/cooper/contents.html; dinos with humans and more).

When self-professing christians willfully ignore solid (and this soft cell) proof that the flood of Noah actually occurred about 4,400 years ago (which in turn validates the Table of Nations in Genesis 10), the darwinists jump for joy, as those christians are working in sympatico with the atheistic darwinists’nefarious agenda, that the Bible is supposedly myth not to be trusted, ostensibly dreamed up by ignorant sun-stroked iron-age shepherds of Israel; so what would Jesus say about all this, and why are not the pastors across America pointing out all this?  I hope you discuss these issues with your pastors and preachers, bringing to their attention too http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, hoping to spread the Word.

Yet the christian pastors of America (and I presume the rest of the world) are all but mum about this compelling science and archaeology which would fully derail darwinism in the public intellectual discourse if only the pastors would spend some time studying then preaching about it, after all, ‘though essentially ignorant of this latest information confirming biblical young earth creationism (Gensis history as it plainly reads), fully half of Americans (according to Gallup polling) believe that Adam and Eve were created (not evolved from tree shrews) less than 10,000 ago, so equipped with this new information, those Americans could aggressively challenge darwinism in our halls of higher learning, the early history of the earth and universe in the Bible the only thing preventing millions to come to believe that all of the Bible is true, to then accept Jesus Christ as savior.

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