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If the holy book of Genesis in the Bible is real history as Jesus Christ himself surely indicated in the Word, then after the global flood of Noah’s time, certainly dragons (“dinosaurs”) should be in other histories along with the biblical references to them in the book of Job (who lived in Uz/Uzbekistan during the ice age) and in the book of Daniel of the old testament, so see http://ldolphin.org/cooper/ch10.html to judge for yourself, but don’t expect the puffed-up theistic darwinian evolutionists at http://biologos.org/blog to see any veracity in these historical accounts, many of the accounts from Charles Darwin’s own Great Britain, so what in the world was Darwin thinking, was he really intellectually honest?

The heads-in-the-sand folks at BioLogos (with millions of others) therefore are forced to please tell us that all of those historical accounts of humans interacting with dragons are fully bogus, every last one of them, because the veracty of just one of the accounts completely falsifies the darwinists’ predicate that “dinosaurs” have been extinct for 65 million years, but tell that to Job, Daniel, King Morvidus, and the roman general Regulus, guess what their answers would be!  The darwinists claiming to believe the Bible too say that science trumps the ancient history in the Bible, that the Word is outdated and so not to be trusted, as if God Elohim should have written perhaps in the new testament that he was just kidding about Genesis.  Checkout also http://www.genesispark.com/genpark/ancient/ancient.htm.

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