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Have you or any preachers ever read Charles Hapgood’s superb book Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings?  You should, it’s a monumental work, demonstrating with medieval maps (such as the Piri Reis and Oronteus Finnaeus), based on very ancient source maps, that ice age mariners were sailing all over the world, even to Antarctica when the ice age snow there was just beginning to build on that continental landmass, unthinkable to the theistic darwinian evolutionists at, so they (most specificly BeagleLady) refuse to talk about it, knowing that this notion explodes their darwinian timeline and progaganda that ice age folks were incapable of measuring time for accurate longitude measures, not to mention the ships required for the long voyages for such cartography and settlement of all the world by sea.

Submerged bronze age megalithic ruins abound in many parts of the world, most in the Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic (see category Submerged Ancient Ruins and, never discussed by the darwinists for the obvious reason that the sea level rose when the ice age ended much later than their timeline indicates, so such as BeagleLady refuse to acknowledge that Atlantis was real, willfully never considering (at least publicly) the reality that the ancients measured time accurately for longitude readings by the wobble rate of the earth’s axis (see article #2 at with the stars and their constellations as the ever changing backdrop in the night sky for those very precise measurements.

And bearing-out further the ancient mapping geometry of the earth by accurate time measure according to its very slow wobble rate, checkout, where you’ll see that the ancient mexican hunab unit of length, Harleston’s term the Standard Teotihuacan Unit (STU), is exactly twice the length of the ancient egyptian royal cubit used to determine the dimensions for the Great Pyramid of Giza, the hunab the metric for the surveyance of the massvie and most ancient manmade structures of the Americas, as you’ll see at his site, and the STU also the width of the lintels at Stonehenge, small world indeed back then, the oceans of the world actually easy superhighways for the ancients to have repopulated the globe after Noah’s Flood, the geothermal heating of the ocean then the engine for the ice age.  Checkout the very solid science for it here

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