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The inane biblical compromisers known as theistic evolutionists have posted an article at titled Christians Care about Theology and Science by Thomas Jay Oord in which he cites (his point #10 in the article) biblical passages that God called forth the kinds (now known as syngameons) of animals from the earth and sea, then in the same breath, the inexplicatively confused or clumsily deceptive Oord writes that therefore “creatures are created co-creators.”  Huh?  How can he say creatures create (his way of saying darwinism is compatible with the Bible) when all he has cited are passages stating the opposite, that God created all the kinds of creatures and plants, having called them forth from the land and sea, so whom does Mr. Oord think he’s kidding?

Such is the foolishly desperate plight of the darwinists trying to comport their specious hypothesis with the plain biblical rendering that God created all the syngameons (biblical kinds) of creatures only about six thousand years ago, those “theistic evolutionists” also claiming that earth-engulfing Noah’s Flood (confirmed by many hundreds of ancient tribal legends) never happened, thus also insisting that the Table of Nations in Genesis 10 is of no archaeological import, because supposedly many other humans besides Noah and his family survived what Oord and the others say was just some river flooding in the middle east.

I posted there at their website that all but the six days of creation was recorded by eyewitnesses, that post deleted before I was predictably banned from their website for debating clearly too effectively for their tastes, that “these are the generations of . . . . . .” written eleven times in the book of Genesis means “these are the origins of . . . . .” or “this is the history of . . . . . (fill in the name),” the key word toledoth in the hebrew meaning generations or genesis, histories certainly recorded at the time of those biblical persons, beginning with the written record having been recorded by the first man Adam or his scribe.  The hebrew word for to write is to cut in, obviously into soft clay tablets, cuneiform writing, the collophons (sign offs to close) which then were the phrases “these are the generations (genesis, the history) of . . . . . (the respective authors then having cut in their names).”

Please refer this material to evangelical powerhouses such as president Albert Mohler of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, who is an avowed young earth creationist, adhering to the scriptures, ‘though yet not equipped with the very compelling information at this website and at  Ken Ham at Answers in Genesis is well aware of this material, yet because of his professional jealousy, he ignores it, having told me (through his surrogates) that the material is either silly or not relevant to his work, clearly not the case, so I hope you contact Ham and co., to ask why he can’t shake loose his professional jealousy to further evangelism through young earth creationism, clearly what the Word, Jesus Christ, has stated in the book of Genesis.

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