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The obfuscative folks at would have skeptics and christians alike believe that Genesis history is not as it reads, but as Charles Darwin would say it reads, that the six days of creation represent billions of years of earth history, that swamp goo gradually morphed into you over millions of generations, so of course then they are incapable and therefore unwilling to say when they think real history begins to be recorded in the text, because wherever they would say that is (since not at Noah and the Flood, then at Abraham, Moses, or Solomon?), all one would need to ask to flummox them is what’s wrong with the generation before (whichever person they might be forced to say)?

The only answer I could get out of them for the beginning of real history was one character at BioLogos saying at biblical Abraham, but then of course, what’s wrong with the chronology of Terah his father, namesake of Tehran and the Turan basin, or what about biblical Eber still before them, namesake of the Hebrews, the Iberian peninsula, the Ebro river of Spain, and Hiberia?  Such is the foolishness of the darwinian old earth creationists’ unenlightened position, effectively doing away with the significance of the Table of Nations in Genesis 10, because they refuse to acknowledge the genetic bottleneck at Noah’s Flood, saying that Noah’s Flood did not cover the earth, so that Noah’s family was just one of many families which lived at the time of the flood they say was just some swollen river flooding, what a joke!  What would Jesus say?

And then there’s Atlantis, laughed at by the ignorant or just plain disingenuous at Biologos, when but if you read Plato’s account carefully, you’ll see that the empire of Atlantis was an ice age coastal empire, the proof with many submerged megalithic ruins from Gibraltar to Italy and Libya, and out into the Atlantic as well, many off Spain, these ruins which they refuse to even discuss when prodded, because they know that the submerged cities (with the City of Posidon/Sidon or Atlas submerged about thirty miles south of Cadiz/Gades near the ice age mouth of the Guadalquiver anciently the Tarsisi/Tarshish river) prove that the ice age ended much later than the theistic darwinian evolutionists are saying, the end of the ice age from circa 1500 b.c. to 1400 b.c., when catastrophic climate change also gripped the world at the time of the Exodus.

The achilles heel of darwinism is that the term species is meaningless, because many animals of different species can reproduce (such as camels and llamas), what today we call hybrids, but really just reflections of natural selection within the finite gene pools of syngameons, the biblical kinds of animals, mendellian genetics, with darwinism just a foolish notion that goo supposedly morphed into you, and so, those folks call that biblical history, what a pathetic ruse!  So please enter into the discussions at, equipped with these facts for debate which totally give them brain freeze, it’s a joy to watch, because they say darwinism leads to belief in the Bible, when clearly nothing could be any further from the truth.  Checkout, and if you can’t believe that humans have lived (and still do?) at the same time as “dinosaurs,” then see

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