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With the evidence overwhelming that long lost bronze age port cities anciently were submerged by the sea, you wonder why there are not more legends about that sea level rise which actually was caused by the end of the ice age.  We have Plato’s account, ‘though with the date wrong, and the legend of Kumari Kandam off southern India, and Atland in the frisian book Oera Linda, and the Flood of Ogyges from archaic Greece, but why not more, what’s the big mystery?

The many bibliophobes in darwinistic academia say that the hundreds of global flood legends from around the world are really describing the end of the ice age sea level rise (because they don’t believe the book of Genesis), but when you read the story about the flood of Noah, and the account of the babylonian hero Utnapishtim, and the flood of Manu of the ancient vedic literature, and hundreds of tribal legends talking obviously about a flood which covered all of the pre flood world, that the floods of Kumari Kandam, Ogyges, Atlantis, and Atland, was a distinct event from that global catastrophe (when today’s mountain ranges rose at the close of that flood) is made clear.

So why no ancient legends about the submergence of Menouthis and Heraklion off Egypt, nor Yarmuta and old Sidon and Byblos off Lebanon, nor Atlit Yam (Ham) off Israel?  When the ice age was ending, the sea level was rising about three feet per year (less than an inch per week), so the coastal real estate of the bronze age port cities was consumed by the sea at an almost imperceptable daily rate, yet after a year’s time, the coastline had come inland forty feet or much more in flat-lying areas, such that after about a hundred years when the ice age had then ended, over 25 millions square miles of ice age coastland had become shallow seafloor, this evidence of the bronze age aching to be explored further, see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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