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The focal point of the east coast earthquake yesterday was four miles beneath Richmond, Virginia, in a region ‘though of few deep seated fault lines, because it’s part of the continental crust of the North American plate, one of fifteen tectonic plates worldwide, large and some smaller, for instance the Mendicino tectonic plate along the North American plate of the west coast, the Mendicino gradually sliding northward an inch or two a year causing friction against the giant North American plate and so the multitude of California’s earthquakes.

That powerful East Coast quake in that historically quiet zone of tectonic activity puzzles the experts, however, deep under the state of Virginia is a hot zone where apparently the molten mantle material is closer to the earth’s surface than most of the rest of that Appalacian Mountain region, so is a magmatic pluton rising closer to the earth’s surface from below the twenty mile deep continental crust there to have caused the quake?

Of course the mountains themselves reveal plutonic uplift and rock metamorphisis certainly of catastrophic effect when it happened, that was during and just-after Noah’s Flood, runaway plate tectonics having been the culprit then, detailed at, certainly not what we should expect today however, for God has promised to never again flood the earth, which had been caused by great geologic upheaval.  For the big picture after the Flood, how it was during the ice age, be sure to checkout, and show your friends.

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