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When republican presidential candidate Rick Perry learns the lesson that animal classification by syngameons not species is the key to defeating darwinism, he can look forward to questions from the now-mocking left wing media about his bible beliefs, even in Genesis, because only about 20,000 syngameons of animals need have embarked on Noah’s Ark, not millions of species as the darwinists insist, bad science, and certainly worthy of public exposure and intellectual scrutiny in education wouldn’t you say?  Since “neanderthal man” is known to have been fully human, and so-called “dinosaurs” have in reality lived throughout humankind’s history (see, it’s no surprise that christian professor of paleontology Mary Schweitzer at North Carolina State ( and others have confirmed soft organic marrow material within T. Rex bones and other creatures, those ancient bones buried in the sediments of Noah’s Flood (checkout, only about 4,400 years ago (see

And with the pulpits of America all but silent for this compelling evidence of young earth creationism, the irony will be that a politician, pelted by “separation of church and state” and all, would set the scientific world and the press straight about Genesis, Rick Perry (or Sarah Palin) could be the one, if only someone would show them this material and they would act upon it, or please, some bigime preacher, if there are any who would like to espouse the book of Genesis in its fullness.  Wouldn’t that be something, tv pastor Charles Stanley with Rick Perry and Sarah Palin on stage presenting the evidence for young earth creationism, and so, why it should be taught in more than just comparative religion classes in the public schools!  See more reasons why the genesis template should be certainly contemplated here, and be sure to read on at this website under the various categories, pass it on please, surely to engender much healthy debate.

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