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Do you believe that ancient goo progressively morphed into you over hundreds of millions of years?

If so, you may have been cheering the video of the mother in New Hampshire who was feeding her son questions to ask presidential candidate Rick Perry, her questions about the age of the earth and evolution plainly an attempt (with many more on the way) to try to make governor Perry look like a foolish Bible believer.  There’s a video to be seen of the whole thing from close behind the mother who looked like a ventriloquist with her dumbie between her and the governor, truly a surreal moment, and surely indicative of the often comical depths to which the bibliophobes of the world will sink to try to discredit biblical history and those who espouse it.

But the self professing christian Perry needs to bone-up on his biblical science; he allowed the generic term evolution be used when quizzed by the mother-son team.  The operative context labeling for what surely the intrepid mother-son was asking should have been corrected by Perry to darwinian evolution, then with a little more biology schooling, taught that its key word species actually is a meaningless term for the practical classification of biota (google syngameons species genesis), the term syngameons truly encompassing the real natural bounds of genetic breeding capabilities, indicating the veracity of the genetic bottleneck of the animal kinds and the human kind some 4,400 years ago when Noah’s Flood devastated the world.

The radioisotope dating methods are highly flawed, mainstream science’s dirty little secret (see http://globalflood.org), and when you think about it, the ice age could have been caused by only a warmer ocean heated from below, heated by the fountains of the great deep of Noah’s Flood (the mountains rose at the close of the flood when the ocean basins sank), so science would be on Perry’s side if we just adopt some this young earth creationism understanding.  It certainly makes the arrogant darwinists cringe, but most of them are bibliophobes, so what do you expect?  For a great overview of how it was, the bronze age the same as the ice age, and how they navigated the earth by its wobble rate with the overwhelming evidence that the Americas were settled by sea, refer now to http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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