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The scheming mother’s son in New Hampshire yesterday asked Rick Perry how old he thinks the earth is really, to which Perry replied essentially that nobody really knows, leaving the door open for the follow-up gotcha question, do you believe in evolution?  Perry responded that evolution and creationism are taught in the public schools in Texas so that the students (with their parents) can decide for themselves where the evidence leads, certainly a challenge to all, yet he tripped himself up right-out-of-the-gate having allowed the use of the term evolution go unchallenged.  Perry should have objected immediately saying that the boy (led by mother) was really asking him if he believes in darwinian evolution, then Perry could rightly have asked, “who in their right mind believes swamp goo somehow reproduced and slowly changed in many ways through many generations to become eventually human beings?”

When you understand that Darwin’s term species is meaningless (for instance camels and llamas can reproduce), then know that only about 20,000 biblical kinds of animals (syngameons of animals in modern biological parlance) need have been on Noah’s Ark let’s you know that Perry, in clumsily dismissing darwinian evolution, must now then defend the plain Genesis account incorporating the concept of syngameons into his thesis, really the only obvious alternative to foolish darwinism; it’s the Bible vs. darwinian science, and when you honestly look at more evidence such as here http://detectingdesign.com/fossilrecord.html, you can see the literal biblical account born out in paleontology as well, seeing the big picture overview here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com to challenge all the skeptics you know, try it today, many will thank you.

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