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Bible scholars are often stumped because they can’t figure out how ancient Tarsus on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean could have been of the same name as Tarshish of ancient Spain, but the Ships of Tarshish begun spoken of in the Book of the Judges (from circa 1200 b.c.) were in fact the link by ocean travel with the method explained in article #2 at, those ancient seafarers having first sailed the oceans of the world during the ice age actually, proven with the Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings (Hapgood), the source maps for those anomalously accurate medieval maps drawn by the method explain.

Plato used the greek word nesos for the what is the peninsula of Iberia (named after the shemite Heber), that’s Spain and Portugal, when he described greater Atlantis, evident when you realize that he also said that coastal empire extended to Libya and Italy, and outside the Straits of Gibraltar an unspecified distance as well, so surely including the coast of Iberia, where now many submerged ruins can be found near Cadiz, submerged when Atlantis (named after a canaanite Atlas) went under, and the rich mining city of Tarshish, up the Tarsis River (Guadalquiver) at the site where now is Seville, then became the namesake of that mineral-rich region, the Kingdom of Tartessos.

Obviously then Tarsus of the eastern Meditteranean, a city on the coast, was established after the sea level had risen with the end of the ice age, so perhaps the city was named by sea settlers from the west, the region of ruined Atlantis, those city builders part of the armada of invading Sea Peoples noted in ancient records of Egypt from the 1300 b.c. timeframe, the time when the Ships of Tarshish, known to have been of Spain, were noted in the Bible.  Explaining the biblical context for the real Atlantis is a great evangelims tool, so learn it and help spread the information, with a great reference source for you here, sure to flummox the darwinists.

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