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I just saw on CBN that the churches in Japan are drying up, having been founded often by american soldiers after world war II, that generation is now mostly gone, and the fruits of their labor diminished greatly, sad to see.  So what would interest the japanese people in the Bible, explaining their ancient history in the process, so causing them to realize their history is biblical history when this new evidence is analyzed by those learned japanese people?

Mysteriously bronze age in appearance, the submerged ruins off Japan’s Ryukyu Islands including Yonaguni and Okinawa have fascinated the japanese people for decades, those ruins which to any child look man made, but not to the mainstream scientists who can’t admit that man made ruins like those could have been built before the end of the ice age when the sea level rose prodigiously, so they say those step-structures, plazas, and ramps of stone, were caused by ocean current erosion, really laughable when you see (and note the material can be translated into japanese please).

When the japanese people make sense of their submerged ruins’ “mystery,” realizing the ice age ended actually circa 1500 b.c. not 10000 b.c., then that the ruins are clearly bronze age, what the darwinists fear most, is rendered real by the biblical historical template and very strong science here, and on the biology of it all here, not what they’ll want to talk about at the universities, but very do-able on the internet.

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