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If the six days of creation in the book of Genesis actually indicates billions of years thought by much of christendom and the darwinists, then the Table of Nations in Genesis 10 listing the generational offspring of Noah and his wife is null and void.  What would have been th odds that names such as Canaan, Sidon, Eber, Ham, and Asshur, archaeologically and linguistically established in mainstream academics, would be integral names in both this real archaic history and the Table of Nations in the Bible only by coincidence?

The achilles heel of darwinism is that the term species is meaningless; biblical kinds of animals, in today’s parlance syngameons, are the true breeding groups of animals found in nature, so the Ark need have contained only about 20,000 syngameons of animals, not millions of species, and the human syngameon was represented with the eight, Noah and his family.  So as the syngameons of animals spread out acrosss the post Deluge world, often across oceans carried in ships navigated by the method explained in article #2 at, both humans and animals then had adopted new environments, where the “races” of humans and “species” of animlas developed by genetic drift.

Should therefore christians really be saying that the Bible indicates human history for many hundreds of thousands of years, and animals gradually evolving from swamp goo over hundreds of millions of years?  Noah’s Flood is surely the mental block for many, but see the great material here to make even much more sense of it all, and too, real history, biblical history, corroborated with science when viewed with the proper template.

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