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If the earth and universe are really in the billions of years of age as the darwinists and their allies (many in the church) insist, then considering the six literal days of God’s creation expressed beginning the book of Genesis, why didn’t God simply say a year in his sight is like a billion years on earth?  Do you see what I mean?

Skeptics of the Bible treated as real history say that the thousand-years-like-a-day passages just mean that God sees time differently than we do, then why not a million years as a day at least, would that not make God seem more timeless than a measily thousand years?

When you present this material to your many skeptical friends and interested associates, they might say that the ancients couldn’t count so high as to undertand millions nor billions, but not the case when you refer to the very ancient hindu yuga epochs of time, they are millions and billions of years, based upon the rate of precession of the earth’s axis and hexagon geometry, see article #2 at, and be sure to checkout too

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