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The so-called Cro Magnon man of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) with northwest Africa were the Atlanteans, canaanites among them, Atlas a grandson of Canaan, and hebrews really too there, because Eber was the namesake of the Iber river, now called the Rio Tinto, its headwaters in one of the richest mining districts in the history of the world known as the Sierra Morena mountains, and then of course there’s Tarshish, namesake of Tartessos (now under Seville), a great grandson of Japheth, a son of Noah of the eight who survived the Deluge.

The language of the mysterious Basques of the iberian peninsula is of canaanitic derivation, for instance the canaanite meaning of Atl, water, so too in the Basque language with ancient canaanitic, the word Atl meaning water even across the Atlantic in ancient Mexico, an obvious ancient transocenic language made real by the ancient navigation practiced by an astronomical template and time measurement explained in article #2 at, that’s why there were 176 towers of the wall which surrounded Tartessos, more proof of global navigation, the methodology manifested in the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

I’ve read recently that the welsh language is the celtic language superimposed on the “peculiar” basque (canaanite) syntax, and the scottish language is english superimposed on gaelic (japhetic) syntax, so that the Formorians were known to have been of Ham (father of Canaan) according to ancient irish chronicles recorded before the Bible arrived in ancient Britain, and because the Gaels (from the eastern Mediterranean circa 1500 b.c.) no doubt were related to those japhetic “Tarsisi” who had come before them to Iberia (Spain), during the ice age, as those Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings seen at under section Earth Measure Geometry are hard to refute, the biblical timeline come alive with this information.  Read on under the various categories here, keeping in mind that those material dating methods are highly suspect, see

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