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Atlantis and the Mayan Calendar are certainly hot topics in pop culture and even scientific circles as 2012 approaches, with nations around the world now reeling from economic crisis, billions of people wonder if the mayans really knew that big things would happen globally in 2012, at the time of the winter solstice.  Only a unique alignment of galaxies and planets beginning to happen now, measured anciently (see article #2 at to occur at our time, would be the culprit, but can alignments of heavenly bodies really control human behavior, as if emitting admonitions?  Such a notion is absurd at face value and after much thought, considering too that the Bible says astrology is anathema, for the spiritually deaf, so then there’s Atlantis, will it “rise again?”  And would it rise in just a spiritual sense?

When you read on under category here Atlantis Revealed, you’ll see that the Atlantean Empire were the cities now submerged in the western Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic (many off Spain) since the end of the ice age, and the city of Posidon, described with concentric rings of canals, also called the city of Atlantis (Atlas), submerged probably about 30 miles south of Cadiz near the mouth of the ice age Guadalquiver River.  Because Posidon was Sidon, a son of Canaan, and Atlas with Gades (Cadiz) were two sons of Posidon wrote Plato, you can see that the Bible is the key to this ancient historical mystery, not at all what the new agers would have you believe, real Atlantis, read on for more compelling biblical ancient history here

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