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Remember back in the winter of 2009 when the newly elected president Barack H. Obama, with a democrat-controlled House and Senate, said that the republicans would then have to ride in the back of the bus?  Now in the summer of 2011, his campaign bus is touring swing states in the Midwest during our economic crisis (by his initiated overspending), so is he in the front of that bus driving to save us money?  Is he running the bus on green power as proposed, equipped with solar batteries, maybe windsails, or perhaps rino republicans behind it pushing?

After his presidency, Obama could still stay at the front of his bus, ‘though defeated by freedom loving Americans, his leading then with perhaps the far left New School in NYC for trailblazing green bus transport economic initiatives.  Obama could drive the bus around (maybe with Bill and Hillary Clinton), community organizing for green jobs, saying “we’re still in the front of the bus, and how about those cool windsails uptop for fast windy-day travel?”  Enemies of America must be applauding almost every move by Obama, the “christian,” who should be reading for a clear view of history, the Bible, what was, and what shall be.

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