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Several times in the Old Testament in the Holy Bible, it’s written that from God’s perspective, a thousand years on earth is like a day to him, and since the earth and universe, the creation, according to the Bible, is about six thousand years old, does this not all indicate that we are on the verge of entering the seventh day, the day of rest, the time of millenial reign of Jesus Christ here on earth predicted in the Bible?

If the day/age theory of creation (comporting with the darwinian timeline) were true, then shouldn’t God have said that a billion years is as a day to him?  Why did he choose a thousand years if not to plainly re-enforce that the chronology of the generations in the Old Testament is as obvious as the nose on your face?  Jesus spoke of a real global flood, after which ensued the repopulation of the earth by Noah’s family outlined in the Table of Nations (and see, those names in the Table of Nations the namesakes language groups and ancient tribes confirmed reluctantly by darwinian archaeologists and linguists, so should this be ignored?

God rested on the seventh day, and will rest after Armageddon for a thousand years when he rules here on earth; is not the pattern there for all to see, and so why are not all christians young earth creationists?  They say that the science is against that, yet only sloth and fear are responsible for their ignorance, after all, if you can’t believe the first book of the Bible, then why believe any of the rest of it, right?  Please read article #13 at

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