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The ancient circular fortress wall of Seville reportedly included 176 towers from a 13th century spanish source in Maria Elena Whishaw’s great book Atlantis in Spain, and what possibly could be the significance of that number?  The base perimeter length of the Great Pyramid of Giza is 1,760 royal cubits, so how old was the sevillian configuration at the other end of the Mediterranean?  You can go back to Eber (the father of Peleg), namesake of Iberia (Spain) and the Hebrews too, a great mariner, having sailed to the Rio Tinto river of southern Spain to prospect and produce the mineral rich Sierra Morena mountains, the treasure of Atlantis, that river anciently named the Iber, and Seville on the Tarsis, both of the Iberian peninsula, which was in reality Plato’s “island of Atlantis” (with the mountains of its north in his story really the Sierra Morenas).

So what’s with that number 1,760, why did that manifest in the Great Pyramid?  It’s because of the calculation by the stars which enabled the ancients to measure and map the earth for their seafaring, all over the world’s oceans according to Plato’s story, by the method explained in article #2 at, obvious proof of that number’s derivation, and the precession numbers found in many other ancient architectures and legends as well.  How much more obvious could it that the Table of Nations in Genesis 10 of the Bible has total merit?  It explains Sidonians in Spain, and Atlas the son of Posidon’s place in real history, the man who figuratively held the world on his shoulders becausue he had mastered it, at least the measurement of distances and directions across vast oceans which allowed him great power plainly.  And for the big picture, checkout

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