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Where were the rich copper and tin mines which supplied the material for the sophisticated bronze age weapons’ production clearly indicated in Plato’s story about the atlantean empire?  He wrote that Atlantis extended far inside the Straits of Gibraltar (to Libya and Italy), and outside as well (didn’t say how far), so within those lengthy coastal zones (the circular canal City of Posidon now submerged probably thirty miles south of Cadiz/Gades on the continental shelf), where were those minerals found in abundance during the bronze age?  Secular scholars say the Iberians of Spain were making bronze as early as any civilization, and who was the namesake of the Iberians?  Look to the Bible, it was Eber/Heber, the Guadalquiver river flowing from and along the southern edge of the mineral rich Sierra Morena Mountains of southern Spain, then south into the Gulf of Cadiz, the river anciently known as the Iber.

The tin for bronze production came from Mount Argentum, near the Iber and Seville, which was the big city of ancient Tartessos, the Tarshish of the Bible, often known as Atlantis during the ice age.  The greek word which Plato used for Atlantis, nesos, means island or peninsula, the Iberian peninsula, the copper for the bronze metallurgy of Atlantis from the Sierra Morena from ancient Niebla for instance, anciently known as Ilipla, the coppr shipped down the Rio Tinto and then perhaps east and then up the Guadalquiver to the smelting facilities with the tin somewhere near the ancient Sun Temple now buried under Seville, the remnants described in 1923 by Elena Maria Wishaw in Atlantis in Spain.  The lady knew Atlantis was of the region, but she like Plato had the timeline wrong, that’s what darwinists and ancient egyptian priests will do for ya.  See more proof here

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