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Chatrooms such as Atlantis Rising are dancing around the truth, they are coming to realize that Plato’s atlantean kings such as Mneseus were real people, and their influence far more extensive than just the Gibraltar region, Mneseus for instance having been actually canaanite king Menes of the ice age egyptian nile river delta (when sea level was much lower), the chat roomers realizing that Plato did say Atlantis extended far to Libya, with the nile delta then of canaanite influence, Canaan the father of Sidon, who was Poseidon, father of Atlas and Mneseus (among other such as Gades namesake of Cadiz).

With the massive climate change recorded in such as the Ipuwer Papyrus and the book of the Exodus, too with the submerged megalithic ruins of the city of Menouthis (city of Menes) now found on the shallow seafloor on the channel of the extinct canopic branch of the Nile, the evidence is there for all to see that the ice age began to end circa 1500 b.c., with the accompanying sea level rise and catastrophic climate change, within the template clearly of the biblical model, and therefore the last thing those secular chat roomers were ever entertain, despite even more proof provided here

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