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Glenn Beck says mormonism is part of christianity; then why Glenn has mormonism been eschewed by christian leaders ever since Joseph Smith in the 1840’s found the Golden Tablets in New York, the basis of the religion’s template, complete with secret magic underwear, an initiation system, and salvation by works although anathema to the teachings of Jesus Christ?  In Revelation, at the end, the Word says that anybody who adds to the Bible, the book of Revelation, the last book, will then be anathema, cursed, so where does that put Joseph Smith, perhaps in the same boat as Muhammed?

The hard working mormon church has done a great job confirming the transoceanic navigation to the Americas during the iron age and before, really undeniable when you look at the work of such as Barry Fell at Harvard, the pioneering father of transoceanic diffusionism in world of ancient archaeology, so the christian church is way behind the curve on this, with most of the mormon work confirming biblical young earth creationism, the genesis account, with the generations after Noah’s Flood having navigated all over the world, proven really with the Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings by the method simply explained in article #2 at, and the big picture overview here

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