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The Newark Holy Stones discovered in Ohio in 1860 were used to prove monogenism against slavery, that humanity originated from the original pair, Adam and Eve, as the Bible says, helped proven by that the stones, including the Decalogue Stone (with a condensed version of the Ten Commandments thereupon inscribed with a picture of Moses with tablets), indicated transoceanic navigation by tribes such as of Israel thousands of years before Christopher Columbus crossed the Atlantic, comporting with a plain reading of Genesis with the re-peopling of the world in the centuries after Noah’s Flood.

Plato’s Chain of Being, that white people were higher on the chain than people not white, was part of the justification for slavery in pre-civil war America, with darwinism coming on strong at that time too, so now what Glenn Beck touts, the validity of the Newark Holy Stones and ancient transoceanic navigation, certainly belies darwinism and the liberal educational establishment’s agenda, that we evolved from lizards, then tree shrews, etc., not what the Bible says, because they can’t have that, despite the ancient navigation method clearly revealed in article #2 at and the very compelling overview of ancient history here

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