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Now israeli port cities, Ashdod and Joffa, were anciently Philistine, that probably javanitic tribe having been called the Palaeste when their home had been along the Adriatic sea, displaced in the centuries after the end of the ice age, that sea level rise known as the Flood of Ogyges to the ancient greeks, the same flood of Atlantis described by Plato, who ‘though had the date wrong clearly because of the noted bronze age technology described in the story (see category here Atlantis Revealed).

The Danoi who invaded Greece, and the Tuatha de Danann who invaded Ireland, both circa 1200 b.c., were of the Tribe of Dan, Israelites, who no doubt worked with the Philistines and nearby Phoenicians to the north at Sidon and Tyre (their original ports submerged offshore since the end of the ice age) to sail away when dissatisfied with the scene at that time in the Holy Land, having sailed by the stars, according to the earth’s wobble rate, see article #2 at  And for the big picture checkout

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