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Reacting to presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann’s position that the national debt ceiling should not be raised, David Plouffe, strategist for president Obama, says predictably that it would harm the economy defaulting on debt, but who says we’d have to default with a static debt ceiling?  We’ll have to cut spending significantly, but that needs to be done anyway, so Bachmann’s right, while Plouffe and Obama seek to continue spending the u.s. into national oblivion, monetizing the debt, causing inflation, the great hidden tax affecting most the poor, supposedly those whom Obama seeks to help, a big lie.

Plouffe said at a recent news conference that the sky-high unemployment rate will not hurt Obama’s reelection chances, that people should look at their own situation, not at the plight of the 20% of americans who are actually unemployed (or underemployed or have given up on finding a job).  So what happened to Obama’s collective salvation, that everybody is supposed to have a good job with fine benefits, otherwise we would be national failures?  Team Obama is grasping at straws now clearly, don’t look at the numbers they say, and don’t look at the Bible as real history, see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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