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Mainstream ancient historians and most biblical scholars can’t wrap their heads around the fact that ancient Tarsus (coast of Turkey) was named after the same guy as was Tarxien (Malta megaliths) as was ancient Tartessos (Spain), known in the Bible circa 1000 b.c. as Tarshish (first mentioned in Genesis 10 in the Table of Nations), the Ships of Tarshish, from the eastern Med to the Atlantic, having worked with King Solomon to import metals and other valuables from the Sierra Morena mountains, because most historians don’t realize those ancients were navigating the high seas very precisely, by the earth’s wobble rate actually (see article #2 at, rendering the re-peopling of the earth within a few centuries during the ice age very plausible, proven really when you read on here under the various categories.  And see a great overview here

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