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Apparently to snipe at the american conservative cause, the new Harvard study saying July 4th celebrations help the Republican party because for love of country, constitution, and freedom, academically and politically to speak the christian message for instance, anathema to the bibliophobes on the left who dominate the democrat party.

But why are they bibliophobes, what do they know or not know to make them so?  Do they realize that the ice age could have been caused by only a warmer ocean heated from below such as by the fountains of the deep injecting heat during Noah’s Flood?  It’s just hydrology 101, yet not admitted by the bibliophobes because that road leads to the Bible, and they can’t have that, nor discussion of such in the public schools now under their control.

Academic freedom is part of the freedom we are to enjoy in America, the founders built Harvard as a christian college, so why would not those erudite founders encourage today’s scholars there to earnestly peruse http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, to see that science and the Bible dovetail very nicely.  The founders of great Harvard were certainly not bibliophobes for good reason, but what of today’s crop of scholars there?  I wonder how many of them will attend parades on July 4th?

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