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The public relations battle against Israel is being won because the friends of Israel are not pointing-out the fact that Palestine was named (by Alexander the Great) after the Philistines, who ‘though had been totally vanquished by the time of the old testament Prophets after King David, the Philistines never having controlled more than the Gaza Strip anyway, so the Palestinians absolutely have no right to anything but Gaza (since they want history to be their guide), and the friends of Israel are remiss to not propagate this fact of history.

So who was in the Holy Land first?  They were the Canaanites, and but where are they now?  Who today dares say they are of canaanitic descent?  Have you ever heard anyone say such a thing?  The Jews took over the Holy Land from Canaanites circa 1400 b.c. led by Joshua (really the same name as Jeshua) when the climate was changing, when the lowlands of the Holy Land, where the canaanite cities had been built, were turning to desert, with the Jews then taking the highlands, with terrace farming and drip irrigation, perfect for that post ice age time when vast swaths of the globe turned to desert, as the precipitation dissipated with the end of the ice age.  See more here

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