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Diodorus Sicilus (from Sicily near Libya) wrote that Atlanteans had habitated along the Barbary Coast in ancient times, which is no surprise really, because Plato wrote that Atlantis extended inside the Straits of Gibraltar as far as Libya (and outside as well), ’twas certainly an extensive coastal empire, with the City of Atlantis (Atlas) now submerged in the Atlantic about thirty miles south of Cadiz (named after Gades), Spain, and Lake Tritonis, home of the Amazons (such as queen Myrina), by the time of Jason and the Argonauts, having all but dried up, the outlet of that extensive ice age rainfed lake to the Mediterranean having been near Syrene, named after the Sirens, who were Amazons (maza was the moon goddess, the Amazigh).

Queen Myrina no doubt facing the dessication of her kingdom based at Hespera, an island in Lake Tritonis, in the timeframe of Jason and the Argonauts and the Trojan War, was forced to march west to conquer Kerne, Morocco, a big city of the Atlanteans according to Diodorus Sicilus, but the Amazons could not conquer the Gorgons nearer them, and so began to fade into history, but some then obviously sailed to the Amazon basin, that’s right, by the mapping method explained in article #2 at, explaining the Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings (Hapgood), and so, that global navigation was practiced during the ice age which ended much later obviously than the darwinists are willing to admit.  And see

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