Forest Elephants Loxodonta Africana Pharaoensis Egypt Libya Lake Tritonis Atlantis Bible Plato Atlas Mountains Punic Phoenician Carthage New City Barbary Berber Coast Atlanteans Diodorus Sicilus Sicily Carthage Connection Ipuwer Papyrus Egypt Atlantis Ancient Historical Literature Biblical History

An abundance of “forest elephants” were recorded living in the Atlas mountains of Morocco and Algeria from the beginning of the phoenician empire based at Carthage circa 1000 b.c. until the roman era, and that “species” of elephant lived all across north Africa to the Red Sea before that stretch of the earth was reduced to desert (when the ice age ended), so since the Barbary (Berber) Coast was called Atlantean by such as Diodorus Sicilus, with stories of large lakes where now is the Sahara, and because Plato said elephants abounded in Atlantis (near the Atlas Mountains), considering the desertification of Egypt described in the Ipuwer Papyrus of Egypt, does not the end of the ice age fit circa 1500 b.c.?  Please refer to

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