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If you add about thirty inches of rainfall per year to the deserts of Uzbekistan then what do you get?  You get the land of Uz from the book of Job.  Get it, Uz Uzbekistan?  And more biblical roots in real history, as the Jordan River where lived Behemoth (with a tail like a cedar tree, big, it was some kind of brontosaurus probably was near the homeland of Uz’s father Aram in what today is Syria, see chapter one of the free ebook download of my first book Old Earth? Why Not!) to learn that it was much more rainy in those regions during the ice age, which followed the Deluge, a warmer ocean then which was the engine for the ice age.

I just learned that written in the Dead Sea Scrolls in the “war scroll” it says “they shall fight against those of Aramea, of Mesha, Togar, Hul, and Uz, far across the Euphrates,” written by Jews circa 200 b.c. who knew the book of Job like the back of their hand.  Of course, Aram was a son of Japheth, and Mesha biblically is Meschech, Togar Togarmah, Hul Gulistan, and Uz Uzbekistan, could it be any clearer really?  Those ancient names to this day are applied to those regions from ancient secular history, yet the Bible is the template upon which it all nicely lays out, truly the ultimate word in ancient history, seeing with

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