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Plato recording the dialogues of friends wrote in his works The Laws, Critias, and Timaeus, that there had been many floods of vast tracts of land in ancient times, never mentioning ‘though the greek legendary Flood of Ogyges which had consumed much of Greece, just as had the flood of Atlantis flooded much of Greece (reported in Timaeus and Critias).  In Plato’s The Law, dialoguers opine that when the supposed many floods had consumed much of Greece, the survivors retreated to mountaintops to then have had to rediscover such as metallurgy, writing, farming, and weaving, when the water had retreated, that culture has to begin again after those disasters by water.

Remembering that the dialoguers never mentioned specifically the Flood of Ogyges, and Plato having written that bronze metallurgy skills were practiced in ancient times before and then after the flooding of Atlantis (and much of Greece), when Plato wrote also lived greek kings Cecrops, Erechtheus, and Theseus, it’s obvious that the dialoguers and most importantly Plato refused to address the direct conclusion, that much of Greece had been flooded circa 1500 b.c. when lived king Ogyges of Thebes, and so, that was the real flood of Atlantis. 

The dialoguers in The Laws even said that greek culture by their time was only one thousand or two thousand years old, right on the button really, for the Flood of Deucalion had covered the world (the mountains rose at the close of the flood) about two thousand years previously, and the eight who survived in the biblical report carried the knowledge of technology through that Deluge.  See the big picture succinctly here

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