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The Bible proves its universality in the mythos of people groups, with Athena for instance having been Naamah, a sister of Tubal Cain and wife of Ham, who was Kronus/Chronos, and Osiris having been Cain, made the righteous one in his conflict with Seth, who was made to be the evil Set in Egypt after Noah’s Flood, Noah who was Utnapishtim in Mesopotamia, and then there’s Adam, who was Atum Re in ancient Egypt.

After the flood, Posidon was Sidon, and Peleg was king of the Pelasgians, just as the Holy Bible would indicate, and Canaan land was named that because of you know who, as was Assyria after Asshur, and after them their systems of govenment and religion which by-and-large ignored the teaching of revealed scripture to the patriarchs, eyewitnesses (except the six days of creation), see article #13 at http://genesisveracity.com, and please make certain to  examine http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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