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Late in his life (long after he wrote Critias and Timaeus), in book three of The Laws, the great Plato wrote that the flooding of Atlantis was the same flood called the flood of Ogyges which consumed much of Greece, so why have we not heard about this? 

The reason is that Ogyges was king of Thebes in Boeotia (mainland Greece) circa 1500 b.c., namesake of the Ogygidae, the powerful tribe which dominated that area for centuries, a real king having founded that kingdom when Atlantis went under according to Plato, that flood clearly a monumental sea level rise because the older Plato himself had said in his earlier work that the flood did in fact consume much of Greece too, the same Flood of Ogyges. 

Wow, no wonder the traditional darwinistas don’t want to talk about it, confirming that the ice age ended circa 1500 b.c., when the Exodus of the Jews occurred, as serious climate change struck the world as it entered our current climatic and sea level regime.  Be sure to checkout, to see the big picture, what Plato kindly confirms.

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