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When you read through Plato’s conversations with Critias and Timaeus about Atlantis, ‘though we all know he said it went under 9,000 years before Solon’s time, yet Plato recorded too that these “athenian” kings lived in that timeframe; Cecrops, Erysichthon, Erechtheus, Theseus, and Ogyges, who certainly did not live circa 9600 b.c., off by over 8,000 years, but actually lived circa 1300 b.c.  And Plato in book three of his Laws wrote that the Flood of Ogyges was the same flood which consumed Atlantis, so Plato has spoken the truth there is his Laws, but not in Critias and Timaeus regarding the date of the inundation of Atlantis and much of Greece too. 

Ancient Egypt was turning to desert circa 1400 b.c., recorded in the Ipuwer Papyrus from that era, as well as in the book of Exodus in the Bible, and Plato wrote that before the Flood of Atlantis and Ogyges, ancient Greece was certainly much rainier (during the ice age), with extensive forests of gigantic trees, rich pastures, and streams where now are just dry gullies; so catastrophic climate change at that time for sure, wouldn’t you say?  But this all confounds the darwinian timeline, the ice age having ended really circa 1500 b.c., proven too with the hundreds of sites of submerged bronze age ruins  in many parts of the world, see

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