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We all know that Plato wrote that Atlantis went under circa 9600 b.c. in his dialogues with Critias and Timaeus, but did you know that late in life in book 3 of The Laws he wrote that the ancient flood of Atlantis and Ogyges were the same flood, so when lived Ogyges?  Almost everybody says Ogyges lived circa 1500 b.c., having ruled from Thebes (the greek one), the end of the ice age flood then having risen two or three feet per year (varying in different parts of the world according to isostatic rebound) which was known as the Flood of Ogyges in that part of the world, and known as the submergence of Atlantis in the western Mediterranean, the egyptian priests of Sais having learned of it no doubt from phoenician navigators who were canaanites as were many of the Atlanteans, Sidon (Posidon) having been a son of Canaan.

What a great documentary this would make, Plato admitting to young earth creationism really, that the ice age really ended circa 1500 b.c. at the time of the Exodus, corroborated by Julius Africanus who said that Moses and Ogyges lived at the same point in history, when too the Ipuwer Papyrus was written in Egypt when it was drying up, the time when the “new kingdom” began, vastly inferior to the dynasties which preceded when the Nile ran much wider and deeper, and the Sahara was lush with lakes and vast marshes, streams and pastures, all gone since the end of the ice age, that end circa 1500 b.c. by the finally intellectually honest Plato, very late in life, but better late than never.  See

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