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Flood legends such as of Kumari Kandam and Kususthali in the sanskrit vedic (the “undecifered” indus language with the semitic alphabet applied) literature of India, commonly thought from the 1500 b.c. timeframe, and the greek Flood of Ogyges, who lived circa 1500 b.c. too, are obvious indicators that was the real time of the end of the ice age.  Note that Plato said in book 3 of The Laws that the flood of Ogyges was the same as of Atlantis, The Laws written late in Plato’s life, so he had changed his story by then that Atlantis had submerged almost 10,000 years before, to conform with his previous writing too that greek kings Theseus, Cecrops, and Erectheus were alive in that timeframe, which is the consensus of historians today, with bronze age weapons in his Atlantis story corroborative for his final timeline.

So what of the greek flood of Deucalion?  It was before the flood of Ogyges, and covered the whole world (the mountains uplifted while the ocean basin sank at the end of that flood), the same Noah’s Flood, and Utnapishtim of Babylonia, clearly not the same flood legends as of the sea level rise with the end of the ice age.  And lest you think radioisotope dating throws off the timeline implied herewith, be sure to checkout, rendering actually many of the most ancient “mythologies” real history, further born out nicely when you peruse, to see that bibical history is as advertised, real history, so tell your pastors about this material, they need to begin to challenge the darwinista establishment.

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