No Press Tokyo Reports Evangelical Leaders Support Teaching Biblical Young Earth Creationism Proving Genesis Veracity James I. Nienhuis Charles Stanley Pastors Preachers John Hagee T. D. Jakes Billy Franklin Graham Pat Robertson Jeremiah Wright Rick Warren Rally Behind Literal Genesis Real History

No Press Tokyo is reporting that christian evangelical preachers Rick Warren, Pat Robertson, and John Hagee have thrown their hats in the ring for biblical young earth creationism, refering folks now excitedly to and all ears for knowledge to for some of their preaching material, as have Charles Stanley and Franklin Graham.  The darwinian community can now expect harsh criticism from America’s pulpits, equipped with this scientifically sound material, so I hope you congratulate them for finally seeing that God means what he says in the Bible, “even” in the book of Genesis, after all, it’s foundational to the Word!

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