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Glenn Beck said tonight he is a christian, who believes the book of Revelation and that the 12th Imam expected by the islamists to rule the world after much bloodshed will really be the Antichrist of the book of Revelation; Beck is correct, leaving probable judaist and guest middle east intelligence expert Daniel Pipes rather dumbfounded, yet agreeing that the islamists seek to rule the world through the imam al Mahdi, but with great discipline going short of agreeing with the book of Revelation (and probably the rest of the New Testament as I said).  Beck obviously seems to be leaving behind mormonism, I think reason and perhaps an authentic spiritual experience with the real messiah Jesus Christ has manifested, which I hope will lead him to a quest to demonstrate that all of the Bible is surely true, including Genesis, so perhaps he will find, and listen to, for some extremely compelling evidence for the veracity of Genesis, really irrefutable.

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